Welcome to Psi Phi Delta Fraternity!  We are a fraternity located in Potsdam, New York.


Mission Statement:

We, at Psi Phi Delta Inc, seek to promote positive growth within the Greek Community as well as the student body. Our traditions of openness and dedication have kept our house alive for well over 60 years.

Externally, we are seen as a friendly, open, and accepting fraternity that embraces all walks of life. Internally, we operate as a tight knit group of diverse and unique young men who all have a common wish: to have a home away from home.

The main purpose of our organization is to promote high standards of personal achievement and enjoyment while maintaining a healthy social atmosphere. We can enjoy the luxuries of a sociable and friendly Greek Community along with the responsibility and support of belonging to an organization.

We don’t just enjoy the simplest pleasures of a four year school. Our brothers try to achieve academic excellence as well. Our fraternity readily rewards academic achievement and individual accomplishments. Our fraternity is both a support structure as well as a knowledgeable resource for our members.

At Psi Phi Delta, Inc, we pride ourselves on individual brotherhood and morals. Academic ideals and high standards of moral fiber drive our fraternity to aspire credo “Sequere Optima.”